An Introduction to the 2013 MACULA REPORT

An Introduction to the 2013 MACULA REPORT

What’s New on the Macula Front?

Key opinion leaders in the retina field have teamed with Retinal Physician to provide you with new information on genetic testing for AMD, AREDS2 findings, treatment for symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion, and how SDOCT can provide images of the choroid to help with differential diagnoses.

The 2013 Report begins with an article by Dr. Awh who discusses genetic testing for AMD. Drs. Weber and Dugel provide their own personal insights on the clinical value of genetic testing in practice.

Next, Dr. Hariprasad discusses key findings from the AREDS2 study. He explains the importance of these findings, and his belief that AREDS2 underscores the importance of educating patients on the benefits of AREDS supplements.

Dr. Kitchens explains how the enhanced depth imaging made available by SDOCT has the potential for improving our understanding of the choroid’s role in vision and retinal diseases, therefore improving patient diagnoses and treatments.

Finally, several doctors are interviewed about their experiences with ocriplasmin, the first FDA-approved pharmacologic treatment for symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion.

We are pleased to offer this special report on the macula and hope you find it interesting and educational. We welcome any feedback on the articles and would like to hear your recommendations for future reports.


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Peter K. Kaiser, MD Editor-in-Chief, Retinal Physician