iPhone App Now Available

iPhone App Now Available

Physicians in practices that have adopted the EyeRoute ophthalmic image management system (Topcon Medical Systems Inc.) can now take advantage of a dedicated iPhone application, EyeRoute Mobile. This sophisticated new tool allows physicians to access images and reports stored in EyeRoute from any 3G-compatible iPhone.

Using the intuitive touch screen, physicians can review the available information in a variety of ways. For example, the Overview screen shows a list of the names of patients who were examined on the current day and as far back as 1 month or more. Touching a patient name displays the first image obtained for that patient, what type of image it is (OCT, FA, color fundus photo, etc.), on which date it was obtained and for which eye. Thumbnail views of subsequent images can be scrolled through and easily displayed. A list of exams by date can also be viewed, and a touch of the screen brings up any desired "filmstrip" of images.

When a particular photo is called up, turning the phone horizontally eliminates text, so the image alone fills the screen. The user can zoom in and out on an image and adjust brightness and contrast. Images captured at different visits can be reviewed.

In addition to the data review and image manipulation features, the application enables the user to add notes or audible dictation to an exam or image, which can then be shared and responded to. Notes and dictation reside locally and/or within EyeRoute, so they are secure.

Topcon partnered with experienced mobile application experts to develop the initial EyeRoute Mobile application but will be able to provide future versions on its own as a Certified Apple iPhone Developer.

For more information about EyeRoute Mobile, call 800-223-1130.