Topcon Offers Free Breath Shields for Slit Lamps

Breath shield could help prevent spread of coronavirus during eye exams.


Eye doctors are required to be in close contact with patients while performing an exam and thus unable to maintain the CDC recommended distance of 6 feet. In order to combat this and prevent the transmission of respiratory illnesses including COVID-19, Topcon is now offering all of its slit lamp customers a free breath shield that fits onto their instrument and provides a first line of defense for both healthcare providers and patients.

“During this unprecedented period challenging the world’s health and economy, Topcon is leveraging its full technology and resources to alleviate some of the burden this pandemic has placed on our customers. Now more than ever, we need to find ways to support one another and provide new methods for our customers to interact with us. We hope these programs will allow them to continue running their practices while providing optimal care for their patients in the most safe and effective way possible,” said John Trefethen, Global VP of Marketing & Product Design, in a news release.

To register to receive the Topcon Breath Shield, customers should visit