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Canon’s CF-1 digital retinal camera


Canon's CF-1 Digital Retinal Camera


The Canon CF-1 digital retinal camera features a redesigned optical system that achieves high-resolution diagnostic images and offers outstanding operability. The CF-1 (Lake Success, NY) enables a 50° angle of view, providing detailed retinal images and is equipped with 3 imaging modes: color, fluorescein angiography, and red-free.

"The camera's best feature is its ease of use," says Neil Notaroberto, MD, in private practice in Mandeville, LA. "The ergonomics — for both patient and angiographer — are superior to other cameras. The design is more compact and lighter so that the user does not experience any fatigue. Procedures usually performed by hand are automated, so the user's learning curve is shorter. Initiating a new tech is not a problem."

All CF-1 functions are integrated into a single tabletop unit with a power supply built directly into the base. "Reproducibility is excellent," Dr. Notaroberto says. "The process is streamlined, so it is easy to take high-resolution images over and over. "Canon has incorporated a new focusing system that makes it much easier to focus on the retina. We are able to take photos in rapid succession without having to refocus."

Figure. The new compact design allows for closer interaction with the patient and easier access to the patient's eyes.

Dr. Notaroberto says that the Windows-based Retinal Imaging Control Software is good, but it has not evolved to the same level as the camera. "This is true of all of the software-related packages in the industry," says Dr. Notaroberto. He does like the DICOM compatibility. "Any modern EMR system can use it, and for data archival purposes, this is important.

"The amount of light necessary is the least in the industry. This means there is less chance of phototoxicity and fatigue. The xenon flash is the best lighting source available. The hardware is the most elegant of any retinal camera we have ever used," Dr. Notaroberto concludes. RP

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