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Accutome, Inc.
■ Accutome now offers indocyanine green (ICG) injectable dye in safer, non-spill containers. The new bottles are made of plastic eliminating the fear of glass shards contaminating the dye mixture. The new ICG packaging will also save time by eliminating the need for filtering the dye and the diluent.

Accutome, Inc.
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■ Alcon's ICaps Softgel ocular supplement AREDS formula is designed to help preserve healthy vision. Two Softgels deliver the same levels of antioxidants and zinc ingredients tested in the 10-year Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) by the National Eye Institute. With half as many pills to take, patients may be more likely to be compliant with recommendations for ocular supplements, says Alcon.

The ICaps Softgel AREDS formula is recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe age-related macular changes.

It should be noted that the high-potency vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc ingredient levels found in ICaps Softgel AREDS formula supplements generally can be attained only by supplementation and not through diet alone.

Alcon Laboratories
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■ Ancom offers a mobile storage cart specifically designed to hold and charge up to 32 laptop computers, or a number of other peripheral computer devices. The cart permits secure storage, convenient charging, and easy transport of laptops and other peripherals throughout any office, clinic, or campus.

Translucent, retractable tambour doors allow visual inspection of contents when closed and require a smaller footprint than traditional swinging doors. Laptops are stored vertically, further reducing the amount of space needed by the cart.

Other features include a convenient handle location that provides an unobstructed work area on top of the cart and a ventilation design that allows for cooling airflow even when the doors are closed. The dividers that separate the stored laptops are also designed to assist with heat dissipation. These same dividers may be removed to accommodate storage of other devices or peripherals as well.

Phone: (800) 845-9010


Volk Optical
■ The H-R Wide Field Laser Lens is a panretinal lens for diagnosis and laser treatment. Its high-resolution imaging, coupled with an extremely wide field capability, provides detailed views for diagnostic and laser work.

The H-R Wide Field's deep field of view reveals details as far out as the ora serrata and, most importantly, is distortion-free across the entire viewing area, says Volk. The combination of Volk's patented double-aspheric glass design with low-dispersion glass ensures the highest resolution imaging across the entire viewing field. This viewing power is contained in a low-profile, reducedsize housing to simplify manipulation of the lens within the orbit.

The lens provides a 0.50x magnification, and a 2.0x laser spot magnification. While the H-R Wide Field is a contact lens, requiring the added step of a coupling solution to the examination, it ensures clear visualization of retinal tears or lesions across the entire retinal surface.

Volk Optical
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