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Mani Ophthalmic Suture Line
• Accutome has introduced a new Mani Ophthalmic Suture Line, with sutures made from austenite steel cross-lapped to penetrate tissue. It is also the only suture with a laserdrilled smooth end to eliminate damage to tissue or tissue drag. The laser-drilled hole also strengthens the bond between the needle and suture, says Accutome.
Accutome currently offers the sutures in nylon, silk, polyester, and polyglactin with a variety of different needle types.

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3D Vision System
• TrueVision Systems’TrueVision Microsurgery Teaching System is a 3-D vision system for microscopes that frees users from looking through eyepieces. It is an ideal teaching and collaboration tool for ophthalmology and other disciplines where a microscope is used, allowing everyone to see the same image as if they were looking into the microscope, says TrueVision Systems. The optical 3-D image viewed through the microscope, is converted by TrueVision to a 3-D high-definition digital image, which can be displayed on a projection screen in real time, transforming stereomicroscopes into more ergonomic and collaborative devices.
TrueVision features modern digital imaging capabilities, allowing users to integrate 3-D images from the microscope with other medical digital-image sources such as surgical planning, CT, and MRI data. It features the ability to save and retrieve images and video easily for record keeping and documentation, and sharing without giving up the resolution, color, and stereo depth found in the original optical image.

TrueVision Systems
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AG EyeCap
• Haag Streit AG’s EyeCap software system is a Windows-based imagecapture and management system that acquires extremely high quality color, red-free, flouroscein and ICG Angiography images through interfacing with the latest fundus cameras. The EyeCap can hold resolutions of up to 3000 x 2000 pixels and provides features to enhance suitability for its use in screening for diabetic retinopathy. Images can also be obtained from any ophthalmic device with video, digital, or TWAIN output.
Haag Streit AG
Phone: (800) 787-5426

WinStation Retina Digital-Imaging System
• OIS’s newest digital-imaging solution, the OIS WinStation Retina, is designed to meet the needs of retina specialists who require image quality with more detail for a higher level of diagnostic ability than is required by general ophthalmologists. OIS WinStation Retina uses a 5.3 megapixel sensor, providing the best image quality in its price range, according to OIS. Product highlights include:
• high-resolution 5.3 megapixel sensor
• instant fluorescein angiography and color fundus imaging
• seamless integration with ophthalmology office EMR
• optional ICG and autofluorescence.
Ophthalmic Imaging Systems Inc.
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