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Accurus Surgical System

The Accurus surgical system provides surgeons a higher level of control.

The Accurus surgical system, with 3-D technology, provides surgeons with a higher level of control to make posterior, anterior, and combined surgeries more efficient. High performance vitrectomy probes offer reduced traction and increased stability when cutting close to the retina.

With options for microincision vitrectomy surgery in 20-g, 23-g, and 25-g, the Accurus allows surgeon to choose the best option for their patients. The Accurus Xenon Illuminator offers surgeon enhanced illumination during vitreoretinal surgery, with bright, white, and safe light.

Alcon, Inc.
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MediLive Trio Eye Camera

The MediLive Trio Eye video camera delivers images quickly and easily.

MediLive Trio Eye camera is designed to fulfill the requirements of ophthalmic surgery, says the company. During procedures on the posterior segment of the eye with little light, users can view bright, high-contrast images on the monitor. When the camera is used for the anterior segment, the video sequences provide details of the sclera without the "blooming" effect from excessive brightness.

Preset configurations for the posterior and anterior segments of the eye enable the MediLive Trio Eye video camera to deliver images quickly and easily. This is particularly beneficial when surgeons switch between the
2 areas of application. Individual settings can be saved and recalled anytime. The various camera configu- rations for halogen illumination and Superlux Eye xenon illumination can also be saved in this manner. White balance becomes unnecessary when switching between the two types of illumination.

Carl Zeiss Meditec
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Makrolux Lens

Eschenbach's Makrolux minimizes fatigue and eyestrain.

Eschenbach's Makrolux lens minimizes fatigue and eyestrain because of its design features. The 2.2x magnification lens is distortion-free from edge to edge, and it is uniformly illuminated by a bright SMD-LED. The large 90-mm x 30-mm viewing area is rectangular in shape, making it easy to navigate across lines of text, says Eschenbach.

The forward-tilted angled lens supports a comfortable reading position, and the width of the reading area covers the column width of many newspapers and magazines.

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Digital ClearField and Digital ClearMag lenses

Volk Optical's two new lenses in its third-generation Digital Series are specifically designed for use in binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy (BIO) examinations. The image quality of the Digital ClearField and Digital ClearMag lenses reaches a level previously unattainable during a BIO exam, resulting in increased general diagnostic capability with a shorter exam time, says Volk.

The combination of magnification and field of view offered by this lens pairing exceeds that of the industry standard 20 D BIO lens. The Digital ClearField's 2.79x image magnification and 72° field of view deliver detailed mid and far peripheral retinal views, while the Digital ClearMag's 3.89x image magnification and 49° field of view are optimal for detailed optic disc and posterior pole examination.

Low-dispersion glass construction delivers enhanced resolution, paired with an antireflective coating to reduce the incidence of glare and reflections.

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