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Eschenbach Optik

■ Viva 6V binoculars are designed for patients who need help looking at distant objects and want a compact solution. Providing 6x magnification and a 9° field of view, the Viva 6V features barrels that fold inward. The coated lenses provide a clear, crisp image and the binocular comes complete with a carrying case, lanyard, and cleaning cloth.

The Viva 6V is designed for patients who need help looking at distant objects and want a compact solution.

Eschenbach Optik

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Medtronic ENT

K Medtronic’s PeaceKeeper multi-modality intraocular instrument is the latest addition to the Wet-Field comprehensive family of lightweight standard and specialty Eraser bipolar cautery instruments for ophthalmic surgery.

Medtronic’s PeaceKeeper is a multi-modality intraocular instrument.

Combining highly effective electro-cautery hemostasis and extrusion aspiration/backflush functionality in a single-use 20-g instrument, the PeaceKeeper delivers exceptional utility and vitreoretinal surgical performance, says the company.

The soft 23-g silicone extrusion cannula provides for safe active and passive aspiration and reflux of intraocular and subretinal fluids. The 20-g rigid outer cannula is beveled 45° at the tip to ease insertion as well as deliver focused bipolar energy at the distal-most edge.

Medtronic ENT

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Rhein Medical

The Brown Triple-Post Speculum is ideal for all anterior and posterior segment surgery, according to Rhein.

■ The Brown Triple-Post Speculum, developed in coordination with Reay H. Brown, MD, has a unique blade design that prevents lashes from overlapping the drape, and the special central posts prevent lids and lashes from rotating into the surgical field. The special fenestrated blades improve exposure and access to superior surgical approaches by supporting and elevating the middle of the lids.

The speculum improves assessment and visualization of the superior cornea by creating an oval separation of the lids, preventing drape obstruction.

Rhein Medical

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Volk Optical

■ The 4-Mirror High Mag Gonio Lens utilizes a level of magnification previously unavailable in a 4-mirror gonio lens to provide a complete 360° view of the anterior chamber.

The Volk 4-Mirror High Mag Gonio Lens provides a complete view of the anterior chamber.

With an image magnification of 1.5x, the 4-Mirror High Mag Gonio delivers crisp, clear views for observation of key detail in the anterior segment during glaucoma screening. Four mirrors equally angled at 64° provide visualization of the entire anterior chamber, with only a slight rotation.

The no flange/no fluid design of this lens facilitates use without viscous interface solutions, such as methylcellulose. Artificial tears or a thick natural tear layer is all that is required for patient comfort, facilitating exams.

Large or small ring options are available to suit personal handling preferences. For additional flexibility, the versatile 2-in-1 handle can easily be adjusted to create a straight or 45° angled grip.

Volk Optical

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