Letter from the Publisher

Message from the Group Publisher
What Retinal Specialists Know About Publication Design
Douglas A. Parry, Publisher

Why mess with a successful new publication? That's what I thought after hearing from editorial board members during our board meeting at the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting last October in Chicago. Retinal Physician was barely 1 1/2 years' old and the facts were that reader scores were high, response was strong, and advertising support was good. After 7 issues, we had made a nice impression upon the specialty. But a voice spoke up from the table after I had asked for any closing comments or thoughts. "You might want to think about changing the cover. It's kind of dated."

At first I resisted the thought. I rationalized, "What do retinal specialists know about publication design? How can we change the cover so soon? Wasn't this the design that was approved and sculpted by a focus group of editorial board members and the recommendations of their peers?"

Then it began to sink in. This was a good thing. A group of leading retina specialists were taking ownership of Retinal Physician. They liked what they were seeing and wanted to make it even better. Exactly the same thing that is done every day in retinal practice — not settling for the status quo in disease treatment, but searching for ways to achieve better patient outcomes.


Without hesitation, we tested a few designs and put them in front of our board members. It was hard to pick 1, but we trust you are pleased with the new look of your "new" publication. It won't change our approach or dedication to what's inside, but we trust that you'll appreciate our modest makeover and find it an improved complement to our mission.

I dedicate this new design to our former company's owner, president, and CEO, Bob Boucher, who passed away in February at the age of 59, from a brain tumor. It is Bob who titled this publication and who so enthusiastically embraced the idea for the concept after we returned from the AAO in 2003. An incredibly sharp businessman and skilled publisher, Bob had a long and distinguished career in publishing. He was a leader who did things the right way and was a true friend to all who knew him. More importantly, Bob was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and a hero to us all. We'll miss you Bob. You've left an indelible mark upon us and we are better for it.