Eschenbach's new LED handle provides the brightest illumination available for stand magnifiers.


Eschenbach says that with its new LED electric handle, patients will never have to replace a bulb or change batteries. In addition, this new handle provides the brightest illumination available for stand magnifiers. The handle includes a switch above the LEDs that, when engaged, boosts the illumination by 33%. Brighter illumination maximizes the contrast of the material being viewed and reduces the amount of magnification needed by the user.

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Iridex Corporation has begun distribution of Innovatech's Illuminating endo-ocular probes (Straight and Angled, 20-g), and Adjustable & Intuitive (20-g and 25-g) for endophotocoagulation for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, retinal breaks and detachments, and neovascular glaucoma. The Illuminating probes combine white-light illumination with laser delivery in 1 convenient handpiece. The Illuminating probes also feature a bayonet-style tip design for simultaneous wide-field illumination and precise laser spots. The Adjustable & Intuitive probes allow the fiber optic to be continuously adjusted over a wide range of angles for full coverage of peripheral retina without removing the probe from the eye.

Innovatech endo-ocular probes will be fitted with the Iridex proprietary connector technology, validating them for use on all Iridex lasers and ensuring delivery of precisely calibrated laser energy and compliance with laser safety standards.

Iridex Corporation
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The M844 F40 has features that make ophthalmic surgery convenient and comfortable for the surgeon and safe for the patient.


Leica's M844 F40 ophthalmic microscope is specifically designed to meet the needs of the surgeon, the operating room staff, and the patient. Leica states that its APO OptiChrome M844 Optics provide maximum resolution, outstanding depth of field, high contrast, and natural color fidelity. Leica's exclusive direct halogen illumination system offers excellent clarity, contrast, and color, as well as safety for the patient.

The Leica F40 SlimStand features the smallest footprint and longest net reach of any microscope in its class for easy positioning and maneuverability.

Convenient, automated functions include StepCycle, which saves valuable time by enabling each step of a surgical procedure to be pre-programmed. The 2-in-1 Display offers intuitive control over all microscope functions, and the control unit and video monitor are packaged as one on the floor stand. There is also an automatic reset for the microscope functions.

Leica Microsystems, Inc.
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The Merlin LCD boasts an ergonomic design and easy-to-use features with maximum flexibility.


Enhanced Vision introduces the Merlin LCD, a desktop video magnifier that makes reading, writing, and pursuing favorite hobbies easier. The Merlin LCD, an affordable desktop video magnifier, boasts an ergonomic design and easy-to-use features with maximum flexibility to meet every need.

The Merlin LCD features an integrated 17" monitor that allows the user to pivot and adjust the screen to fit the most comfortable viewing position. As a fully assembled 1-piece unit, the Merlin LCD makes set-up effortless. Standard features include an 8 ms response rate with true vivid color, color select and a 3-year warranty.

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