New Products & Services

New Products & Services

Mediflex Surgical Products now offers the instrumentation for cannulation and infusion of tPA during the REVS procedure.


Mediflex Surgical Products has secured the worldwide rights to the instrumentation system that delivers the "clot-busting" drug tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) during retinal endovascular surgery (REVS) for central retinal vein occlusion. Jeffrey Weiss, MD, of Margate, FL,
developed the REVS procedure, which is pars plana vitrectomy followed by cannulation and infusion of tPA into a branch of the central
retinal vein.

Mediflex Surgical Products
Phone: (800) 879-7575



MBNA Practice Solutions, Inc., says its line of products combines the company's focus on customer satisfaction with the products expertise, and ease of application necessary to help you meet your specific practice finance goals. Financing for all phases of practice -- such as purchasing a practice, buying new equipment, remodeling, or refinancing your current practice loan -- is available with fixed or variable rates, terms up to 15 years and flexible payment structures.

When you call the number below, mention source code 8H8G5 to receive a $100 discount on your administrative fee.

MBNA Practice Solutions, Inc.
Phone: (800) 491-3634


Among the benefits of the IQ 810's SmartWare is quick access to continuous wave, micropulse, long pulse and other advanced operating modes. 


Now available from Iridex is the solid-state Iris Medical IQ 810 infrared diode laser photocoagulator for the treatment of retinal disorders and glaucoma. The company says the IQ 810 represents its latest technological innovation and is designed to perform traditional and minimum intensity photocoagulation procedures in the office and operating room settings. The company also notes that the laser increases the clinical versatility available to ophthalmologists today with its SmartWare interactive software with customizable settings, advanced waveform capability and FiberCheck Slit Lamp Adapter delivery device.

(650) 962-8100



Accutome, Inc. has introduced a line of fluorescein kits. The company says the kits are an effective way to save time, money and help with organization. They can be tailored to meet your specifications. Your kit will include light or dark fluorescein, an infusion set, needle, syringe, Band Aid, and alcohol prep pad. Call for custom pricing.

Accutome Inc.
Phone: (800) 979-2020


The new VITRA green laser from Quantel Medical is lightweight and portable.


Quantel Medical introduces their new VITRA solid-state, portable, compact, 12-pound green laser for photocoagulation. The VITRA has multiple control settings which can be programmed and saved through the touch screen. The VITRA laser also has controls located in the footswitch, eliminating the need for assistance in adjusting the laser settings.

Quantel Medical Inc.
Phone: (888) 660-6726



The newest vitamin from Macular Health contains the AREDS formula plus 10 mg of lutein, bilberry and zeaxanthin in a single capsule, to be taken by the patient once per day. The small gel capsule can be pulled apart and mixed in juice for those with difficulty swallowing pills. Macular Health also offers a Smokers Formula, which contains no beta carotene, and a Premier Formula.

Macular Health, LLC
Phone: (800) 980-6551