The Rubenstein LRI knife is Accutome's latest limbal relaxing incision diamond knife


Accutome Inc. introduces its latest Limbal Relaxing Incision Diamond Knife, the Rubenstein LRI Knife. This knife, developed by Jonathan Rubenstein, MD, has a low profile, winged footplate that allows full view of the blade during incision. The footplate allows the blade to glide across the corneal epithelium and gives the user extreme control of the blade. The preset diamond blade is permanently set to either 600, 550 or 500 microns. Accutome also offers a Shorti handle, which can be used under the slit lamp. The "in office" short handle version is quite effective for those who do next day astigmatism correction.

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MACUCHEK's MACUSCOPE aids in early detection of low macular pigment, one of the primary risk factors for age-related macular degeneration. The MACUSCOPE is the only affordable commercial instrument available today that accurately tracks pigment density changes in the macula, giving medical professionals the ability to place patients into either high-risk or low-risk categories. MACUSCOPE gives medical professionals an opportunity to take a proactive approach to using a less than 5-minute, noninvasive painless exam. The MACUSCOPE is user-friendly for all eyecare and medical specialists, including general and family practitioners for basic physical examinations. The MACUSCOPE uses flicker photometry, the only scientifically validated method of measuring macular pigment density.

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Tracey Technologies introduces EduTrace, a self-guided, hands-on, software tutorial program for wavefront aberrometry. Tracey Technologies developed EduTrace to provide physicians and their staff with a better understanding of the full range of diagnostic and surgical applications of wavefront aberrometry.

The EduTrace Course includes functioning aberrometry software from the iTrace system and over 50 actual patient cases, which the user can view and manipulate within the software. A full-color workbook walks the user through each case and gives an overview of the available wavefront aberrometry technologies and data displays, accompanies the software.

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Vision Technology, Inc.'s VIEW brings portability and capability together in a user-friendly, flat panel CCTV with distance, intermediate and desktop magnification. With its battery-powered option, this portable video magnification device will meet any individual, educational or business environment viewing need. It may be carried like a briefcase, is completely collapsible and has an adjustable height monitor allowing plenty of room for writing and task work. The camera focuses quickly and turns 360 horizontally and 240 vertically.

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Acrobat is a 3-in-1 video magnifier with full-color, auto-focus.


Enhanced Vision introduces Acrobat, the 3-in-1 video magnifier with full-color, auto-focus. Acrobat has the most versatile and flexible arm available and is ideal for near, distance and self-viewing with up to 72x magnification. Acrobat can connect with laptop or desktop computers, electronic glasses or even TV.

Unique built-in memory allows the camera to remember the last settings for near, distance and self-viewing, therefore reducing adjustment time. The Acrobat features 7 viewing modes: true color, black-and-white, positive, negative and 3 color-select modes. Horizontal line markers are included to help users focus on 1 line. Acrobat also features a detachable camera head and a battery-operated option making it portable.

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Odyssey Medical's Eyelid Drapes are designed to promote a clean and dry sterile field.


Odyssey Medical now offers Eyelid Drapes, designed to provide a sterile adhesive surgical barrier for a variety of ophthalmic procedures. The drapes can also be easily trimmed to any desired size or configuration to aid in retracting lashes without obstructing the surgical site. The Odyssey Lasik Eyelid Drape is conveniently packaged in 50 individually sterile drapes per box.

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Volk Optical's PDT Laser lens delivers maximum laser spot visualization for AMD treatment.


Volk Optical's PDT Laser lens delivers excellent visualization in photodynamic therapy (PDT), and with its maximum laser spot magnification and double aspheric glass design, it aids in effective AMD treatment.

The optimum combination of a 1.5x laser spot magnification and a 137 field of view, the PDT Laser lens provides clear visualization of the choroidal neovascular membrane for treatment. Volk's exclusive SupraCoat lens coating increases laser transmission efficiency by reducing the amount of laser light reflected back through the lens.

Developed in conjunction with Peter Kaiser, MD, of the Cole Eye Institute, the PDT Laser features Volk's patented double-aspheric glass design for bright, undistorted images across the entire lens surface. In addition to use in PDT procedures, the lens is well suited for general diagnostic work.

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