New Products & Services

New Products & Services

Volk's one-piece lenses go from surgery to autoclave to surgery and are easy to handle.

Volk's wide-field MiniQuad and Central Retinal vitrectomy lenses are now available in ACS and optional SSV versions. You can sterilize these lenses quickly and safely with an in-office autoclave and, the company says, at a lower cost per use compared with disposable lenses.

The Central Retinal ACS and ACS SSV lenses have a field of view of 73º static, 88º dynamic and a magnification of .71x for detailed visualization to the equatorial regions. Volk recommends these lenses for vitrectomy in diabetic patients and for membrane peeling extending to the equator.

The MiniQuad ACS and ACS SSV lenses have a field view of 106º static and 127º dynamic and a magnification of .39x, giving you a view of practically the entire retina. Volk recommends these lenses for detailed retinal detachment surgery, treating retinal tears, and diagnosing and treating anterior proliferative vitreoretinopathy.

Volk's Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens improves suture visibility.

Also new is the Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens for removing hard-to-see sutures after glaucoma surgery. Designed with the help of Eyton Blumenthal, MD, the convex lens-viewing surface can magnify sutures 2 or 3 times. The pointed lens tip creates a strong compressive force that increases visibility of the suture and stabilizes the treated area.

These lenses, Volks says, would be particularly beneficial for patients with a thick Tenon's layer or subconjunctival hemorrhage. Volk offers a free 30-day, risk-free trial.

Volk Optical
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Ocular Instruments has a new line of glass ophthalmic lenses that can be steam sterilized for use in the examination room or the operating room. The MaxAC 20D, Max AC 28D, and Ocular MaxField AC Four Mirror Gonio lenses are available with a small or large holding ring or an ergonomic handle and they come with lens cleaning cloth.

Also new is the Peyman-Wessels-Landers 132D Upright Vitrectomy Lens with a 100º static field of view. The lens can be used with the Ocular Landers Wide Angle Surgical Viewing System, which is compatible with all microscopes and doesn't need a scope-mounted inverter.

Ocular Instruments
Phone: (800) 888-6616


The NIDEK MP-1 MicroPerimeter provides real-time, nonmydriatic retinal imaging.

Nidek's MP-1 MicroPerimeter combines perimetry and fundus imaging to accurately and automatically assess macular/retinal function. Infrared light is used for observation and real-time, nonmydriatic retinal imaging during examination, which may be useful for patients who have photophobia.

It also has a programmable set of parameters to specify stimulus intensity, shape, and size along with foreground and background colors. You can do examinations using standard Goldmann targets, bitmaps, or your own targets. Nidek recommends the MP-1 for evaluating retinal therapies like PDT and diagnosing scotomas, diabetic retinopathy, and AMD.

The NM-200D Digital Handheld Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera is compact and lightweight and has a user-friendly, color touch-screen screen display. The high-resolution CCD camera produces digital retinal images with a low flash intensity, which should be more comfortable for patients, and its small footprint makes it suitable for pediatric applications and small office spaces.

The 3-Dx Simultaneous Stereo Fundus Camera is ideal, Nidek says, for diagnosing glaucoma and macula edema. This 6-megapixel digital camera with adapter takes high-resolution, repeatable, and simultaneous stereo color images of the optic disc, fundus, and external eye with one click and comes with Nidek's NAVIS-3D data management system.

Phone: (800) 223-9044


The Iris Medical EasyView Slit Lamp Adapter conveniently rotates the laser delivery mirror out of the optical viewing path for accurate diagnosis and laser treatment. The 50 to 500 micron spot sizes (parfocal) should satisfy most photocoagulation needs. This adapter is compatible with the Iris Medical OcuLight Gl/GLx green (532) laser systems and Haag-Streit slit lamps.

Phone: (650) 962-8848


The Bausch & Lomb Millennium microsurgical system eliminates time-consuming steps in opening and closing in vitreoretinal procedures.

With Bausch & Lomb's Millennium 25G Entry Site Alignment System (ESA) a key component of its Millennium TSV25 vitrectomy system, surgeons can now perform vitreoretinal surgery in 3 steps: insert cannulas, perform procedures, and remove cannulas. Incisions are smaller and conjunctiva do not have to be dissected and then sutured.

According to the company, the patent-pending TSV25 system provides greater surgeon control, efficiency, and effectiveness throughout the 25-gauge vitreoretinal procedure. A detailed brochure with product specifications is available.

Bausch & Lomb Surgical
Phone: (800) 531-2020


BD's Visitrec unit has powerful tools for vitrectomy procedures.

BD's Visitrec line of vitrectomy systems is designed for outpatient, inpatient, or office-based use. The company has added an optional 23-gauge guillotine cutter, which can fit through a 0.6-mm incision that doesn't require sutures, and it comes sterile and ready to use. It also has a microvitreoretinal blade built into the tip. The vitrectomy unit is battery powered and portable, and it sets up in seconds. The cutting speed is adjustable from 60 to 400 cuts per minute, and the handpiece is automated, featuring a linear-activated cutter. Other guillotine size options are also available.

BD Ophthalmic Systems
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Natural Opthalmics packaging aids in boosting product efficacy.

Natural Ophthalmics has added two daily nutritional supplements for the macula to its natural eyecare treatment system. The packaging makes it easy for patients to take them together. One is a packet of three capsules of eye-health vitamins and minerals, including ginkgo biloba and lutein, and a capsule of green food extract with digestive enzymes. The other is a sublingual spray, which the company says increases absorption of the capsule ingredients.

These supplements can be taken with other multiple vitamins.

Natural Ophthalmics
Phone: (877) 220-9710


Enhanced Vision has added several new improvements to its JORDY eyewear for persons who are legally blind or have low vision.

Upgrades include improved true-to-life image coloring and sharper letter definition, especially in high-contrast negative mode, and an expanded focus depth that now spans 1 inch to infinity. It's battery operated, lightweight, and designed for patients with active lifestyles.

Enhanced Vision
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HomeSight offers home-based services for persons who have low or impaired vision caused by macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, inoperable cataracts, and other conditions that affect vision. Specially trained and licensed home-care professionals can help with meals, medications, and other day-to-day activities. They will also assist with community support and other resources. Physician's verification of diagnosis and authorization to provide the services is required.

Phone: (866) 867-4448