June 2018 Image of the Month

Image of the Month, a recurring feature in Retinal Physician since 2006, spotlights diagnostic images captured by industry practitioners using innovative technology and diagnostic instruments.

SS-OCT and OCT-A1 for MacTel Type 1



42 year-old male presented with decreased visual acuity in his left eye and came with a previous diagnosis of chronic cystoid macular edema with poor response to anti-VEGF treatment. Right eye was unremarkable and patient denied history of diabetes or other retinal vascular disease. High definition 12 mm SS-OCT scan was performed using Topcon DRI Swept Source OCT Triton Plus and a cystic space was identified in the fovea (A), however at the inferior juxtafoveal area we could see some circular hyper reflective changes along the smaller cystic spaces (B). OCT angiography was able to show dilated deep capillary vessels inferior temporal to the fovea with increased signature flow at the circular hyper reflective changes seen on B-scan (arrow), suggesting the diagnosis of macular telangiectasia type 1.

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1. OCT Angiography is not available for sale in the U.S.

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