June 2019 Image of the Month

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Retinal Arterial Occlusion secondary to Susac Syndrome


Images Courtesy of Dr. Alfredo Adán Civera, Head of Ophthalmology at Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Patient History

Male, 60 years old

Examination Techniques and Results

Topcon® DRI OCT Triton Swept Source OCTA1 of a 60 year old male patient with recent diagnosis of Susac Syndrome. Complaint of a superior relative scotoma of his right eye for about 1 week. BCVA was 20/30. Image A presents the fundus image with focal retinal arterial occlusion in the right eye (black arrows). Image B presents the OCTA ischemic retinal area in the deep capillary plexus (yellow arrows).

Clinical Relevance

OCTA technology assists us in acquiring a better understanding and knowledge of anatomical and functional blood supply of the retina in Susac Syndrome. The deep plexus is more prone to hypoxic insult in arterial occlusion in Susac Syndrome cases.

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1. OCT Angiography is not available for sale in the U.S.

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