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January 2014


Phototherapy for Diabetic Eye Disease
By:  Geoffrey B. Arden, PhD, FRCOphth
We know more than ever before about the relationships among light, hypoxia, and VEGF in diabetic retinopathy.

Economics of Intravitreal Medications For Neovascular AMD
By:  Atul Jain, MD; Neeta Varshney, MD
Cost, VA improvement, and number of treatments factor into a balancing act.

The Role of Pegaptanib In the Treatment of Exudative AMD And Diabetic Retinopathy
By:  Michael J. Tolentino, MD; Michael S. Tolentino
Briefly the standard of care, pegaptanib could find a niche.

Systemic Safety Of Intravitreal VEGF Inhibitors
By:  Usha Chakravarthy, MD, PhD, FRCS, FRCOphth; Christine Rogers, PhD
What concerns remain?

Update on Diagnosis and Treatment Of CMV Retinitis
By:  Nicholas J. Butler, MD; Jennifer E. Thorne, MD, PhD
HAART has decreased the incidence, but a definitive cure remains elusive.

Ten Months to ICD-10: Will Physicians, Vendors and Payers be Ready?
By:  Joseph Burns
Practices are training staff and physicians and meeting with system vendors and health plans as they prepare to use new codes.


By:  Peter K. Kaiser, M.D.
Dollars and Sense

Subspecialty News
By:  Jerry Helzner, Senior Editor
Eylea has positive BRVO trial; QLT begins trial for IDA treatment; Specific biomarker makes GA drug more effective; and more.

Coding Q & A
By:  Riva Lee Asbell
Medicare stepping up audits of 'New Patient' rule

AAO Retina SubDays Detail Up-to-the-Minute Findings
By:  Andrew E. Mathis, PhD, Medical Editor

Controversies in Care
By:  Michael Colucciello, MD
DME: When Should You Initiate Local Treatment?

Focus On
A New Light on Multispectral Imaging