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June 2013


ARVO 2013: Highlights From Eight Key Studies
By:  Jerry Helzner, Senior Editor
Anti-VEGF under-treatment among surprising findings.

Update on Portable Vitrector Technology and Applications
By:  Brian C. Doyle, MD; John D. Pitcher, III, MD

Micropulse Laser Therapy For the Treatment of DME
By:  David D. Gossage, DO, FAAO, FAOCO

An Emerging Option to Treat DME
By:  Aaron Appiah, MD

Multimodal Imaging In Acute Macular Neuroretinopathy
By:  Anthony Joseph, MD; Ehsan Rahimy, MD; K. Bailey Freund, MD; David Sarraf, MD

Integrating Image Management Into EHR Systems
By:  Rishi P. Singh, M.D.

A Review of the Parameters Affecting Flow During Vitrectomy
By:  David S. Liao, MD, PhD; David S. Boyer, M.D.

Early Vitrectomy for DME: What Makes It a Viable Treatment?
By:  Maurice B. Landers, III, MD; Veronica A. Kon Graversen, MD; Michael W. Stewart, MD

Vitrectomy for DME Without Macular Traction
By:  Takao Hirano, MD; Toshinori Murata, MD, PhD


By:  Peter K. Kaiser, M.D.
Who Will Be the Next ‘Great One’?

Subspecialty News
By:  Jerry Helzner, Senior Editor
Allergan sees delay in DARPin program; Regeneron plans new clinical trials; Same-day, next-day RD surgery; and more

Coding for Multi-surgeon Cases: Part 1

Controversies in Care
By:  Michael Colucciello, MD
Primary Treatment of Di use DME in Pseudophakic Individuals: Anti-inflammatory or Anti-VEGF?

Focus On
By:  Stuart Michaelson, Contributing Editor
Argus II Improves Sight in RP

CT Spotlight
By:  Andrew E. Mathis, PhD, Medical Editor
An Antibiotic for Dry AMD?