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May 2013


Visual Cycle Modulation: A Novel Therapeutic Approach for the Treatment of GA in Dry AMD
By:  Nathan L. Mata, PhD; Ryo Kubota, MD, PhD; Pravin U. Dugel, MD
Has the “holy grail” of retina been found?

Central Serous Chorioretinopathy and Topical NSAIDs
By:  Pradeep Venkatesh, MD
The evidence suggests that NSAIDs should be avoided in patients with CSC.

Prospective Assessment of Intra- and Perioperative OCT for Ophthalmic Surgery: The PIONEER Study
By:  Justis P. Ehlers, MD; Sunil Srivastava, MD
The evidence suggests that NSAIDs should be avoided in patients with CSC.

Acute RVO: What's Your Protocol?

Thought leaders review treatment strategies.

PACS Brings Retinal Imaging Into the 21st Century

Picture archiving and communications systems have helped streamline and improve patient care.

Early Vitrectomy for DME: Does It Have a Role?

Sometimes vitrectomy can be first-line treatment. Part 1 of 2.

Genetic Testing for AMD Offers High Sensitivity and Specificity
By:  Carl C. Awh, M.D.
Available tests can enhance the clinical examination.

Gene Testing as a Diagnostic Aid in Macular Disorders
By:  Renaud Duval, MD; Mathew MacCumber, MD, PhD
Knowing the genotype may direct treatment.


By:  Peter K. Kaiser, M.D.
Mastering the Patient Experience

Subspecialty News
RPE Cells Can Be Mass-produced; CATT Study Infections Are Analyzed; Optomap Identifies MoreRetinal Lesions

Talking Tech
By:  John Kitchens W., MD
Windows Surface Pro + EMR =Disappointment

Guest Editorial
By:  Maurice B. Landers, III, MD; Michael W. Stewart, MD
A Call for a Comparative Trial Of Early Vitrectomy

Journal Club

Coding Q & A
MPPR —The Latest Wrinkle in Diagnostic Testing Reimbursement

Focus On
By:  René Luthe, Senior Associate Editor
Optovue iVue allows OCT anywhere

CT Spotlight
By:  Andrew E. Mathis, PhD, Medical Editor
A Dutch company bets on high-lutein eggs to halt dry AMD.