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October 2011


Succeeding with Combination Therapy for DME
By:  John D. Pitcher, III, MD; Jean-Pierre Hubschman, MD
Treatment options must be tailored to the individual patient

Immunotherapy for Uveal Melanoma: Obstacles and Opportunities
By:  Jerry Y. Niederkorn, PhD; Yuguang He, MD
Immune privilege in the eye presents interesting and unique challenges

The Role of Predictors of Success in Managing Vitreomacular Adhesions
By:  Jay Chhablani, MD; William R. Freeman, MD
SD-OCT represents a major advance in understanding VMA

Anatomic Outcomes in Clinical Trials for Retina
By:  Andrew E. Mathis, PhD, Medical Editor
OCT has changed retina practice, but how are clinical trials being affected?

Assessing Antibiotic Use With Intravitreal Injections
By:  Samantha Stahl, Assistant Editor
Are they a line of defense against infection, or do they increase the risk of resistance?

Considering the Treatment Options for Choroidal Hemangioma
By:  Breno R. Lima, MD; Arun D. Singh, MD
The two types of this benign lesion dictate different treatment modalities

Growth Factor Therapy for Retinal Neuroprotection
By:  Reema Syed, MD; Jacque L. Duncan, MD
CNTF's potential role in future retinal therapies

Microincision Vitrectomy Surgery For Diabetic Retinopathy
By:  Taku Wakabayashi, MD; Yusuke Oshima, MD, PhD
Current strategies and future perspectives

Special Section Series Sponsored By Alcon
By:  Pravin U. Dugel, MD
New Technique for Tissue Separation


Upfront: From the Editor-in-Chief
By:  Jason S. Slakter, M.D.
Let’s fight negativity

Subspecialty News
HHS study finds Avastin cost advantage; IMT improves quality of life; and more

Guest Editorial
By:  Pravin U. Dugel, MD
The public's distorted views on CATT data

Controversies in Care
By:  Michael Colucciello, MD
Does “tomographically significant macular edema” exist?

Coding Q&A
By:  Riva Lee Asbell
Resolving the Coding Dilemmas Related to Remote Imaging

Focus On
By:  Samantha Stahl, Assistant Editor
577-nm wavelength system delivers safety