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October 2010


Peer Reviewed: Vascular Lesions of the Peripheral Fundus
By:  Ian G. Rennie, MD
Distinguishing them from malignancies is essential

Where Do PCV and RAP Fit in the Spectrum of AMD CNV Subtypes?
By:  Larry Koreen, MD, PhD, MPH; Matthew W. Hollar, BS; Scott W. Cousins, MD
Determining lesion morphology provides for better diagnosis and treatment

How SD-OCT Is Changing Our View of DME
By:  Adzura Salam, MBBS, MS; Carsten Framme, MBA; Sebastian Wolf, MD, PhD
Precise imaging allows for earlier disease identification and greater sophistication in crafting a treatment regimen

Deepen Your Understanding of Uveal Effusion Syndrome
By:  Timothy L. Jackson, PhD, FRCOphth
Difficult to diagnose, this sight-threatening condition can be treated with surgery

An Early Look at 27-gauge Surgery
By:  Marc J. Spirn, MD
Japanese researchers are studying new frontiers in surgical instrument design

Leaving on a Jet Plane
By:  Mark Hammer, MD; Ivan J. Suner, MD
Is any intraocular gas bubble safe for air travel?

Monitoring Conversion from Non-neovascular to Neovascular AMD and Identifying Patients at Risk
By:  Michael Waisbourd, MD; Anat Loewenstein, MD
Catching those patients early who will convert from dry to wet AMD may spare vision

It Still Happens Today: Bilateral Frosted Branch Angiitis in Cytomegalovirus Retinitis
By:  Ruwan A. Silva, MD; Thomas A. Albini , MD; Harry W. Flynn, Jr., MD
Prompt use of antivirals spared vision in a noncompliant patient


By:  Jason S. Slakter, M.D.
Lessons Learned

Subspecialty News
By:  Napoleone Ferrara
Lucentis developer wins Lasker Award; Factors affecting success of RD surgery; and more

Journal Club
By:  Andrew E. Mathis, PhD, Medical Editor
Recent Noteworthy Studies to Stimulate Discussion and Debate

OCT Insights
By:  Brandon J. Lujan, MD
The evolution of quantitative OCT

Controversies in Care
By:  Michael Colucciello, MD
The implantable miniature telescope for AMD

Coding Q&A
By:  Riva Lee Asbell
A tougher Medicare audit environment for modifier 24

Clinical Trial Spotlight
By:  Andrew E. Mathis, PhD, Medical Editor
An AMD treatment on steroids