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Icon ImageThe Impact of Switching Data on Treatment Decisions with Anti-VEGF Agents
Sponsored by: Regeneron

Moderator: Peter Kaiser, MD

Panelists: Jason Slakter, MD; Seenu Hariprasad, MD; Atul Jain, MD; Justis Ehlers, MD

A roundtable held at AVRO in Seattle on May 4, 2013
Icon ImageEmerging Concepts in Anti-Vegf Treatments
Sponsored By: Regeneron

Moderator: Peter Kaiser, MD

Panelists: David Boyer, MD; Karl Csaky, MD; Jefferey Heier, MD; David Brown, MD

A roundtable discussion held October 5, 2012
Icon ImageManagement of Diabetic Retinopathy
Sponsored By: Optimedica

Presenters: Paulo Stanga, MD, Adrian Koh, MD, George Williams, MD and Paolo Lanzetta, MD

Management of Diabetic Retinopathy in an Era of Frequency Domain Optical Coherence Tomorgraphy, Anti-VEGF Therapy and PASCAL Photocoagulation