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Retina Practice Efficiencies
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Retina Practice Efficiencies is a monthly e-newsletter published by Retinal Physician. It focuses on current issues that can impact the effective operations of your retina practice. Topics such as changes in Medicare, reimbursement issues, best practices, and healthcare reform are covered by experts in the retina community.

Retina Practice Efficiencies

Retinal Physician eUpdate

Retinal Physician eUpdate is a free biweekly e-newsletter published by Retinal Physician. This unique, informative publication provides a concise summary of the retinal market industry news, events, corporate announcements, and product launches.

Diabetes Ophthalmic eUpdate
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Diabetes Ophthalmic eUpdate is a free monthly e-newsletter published by Retinal Physician. This e-newsletter provides concise and compelling clinical tips on treating diabetic patient ophthalmic conditions in everyday practice, including information on the latest technologies and studies.