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April 2013


Optical Coherence Tomography In Macular Hole Management
By:  Roger A. Goldberg, MD, MBA; Sumit P. Shah, MD; Jay S Duker, M.D.
Preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative roles

Adapting EHR in the Subspecialty Practice
By:  Jaime Jiménez, MD
Our system required some customizing, but it is now a valuable adjunct to our diagnostic technology.

Fundus Autofluorescence: An Emerging Window on the Retina
By:  Robert Murphy, Contributing Editor
Fundus autofluorescence patterns extend your retinal diagnostic reach.

Current Status of the Use Of Gene Therapy in Ophthalmology
By:  Irv Arons
Four retinal diseases could see genetic therapies sooner rather than later.

Does Surgery Have a Future in Retina Care?
By:  Steve Lenier, Contributing Editor
Advancements in medical treatments mean less time in the OR for retina specialists.

Patient Awareness of Binocular Central Scotomas in AMD and Implications for Low Vision Rehabilitation Referral
By:  Donald C. Fletcher, MD; Ronald A. Schuchard, PhD; Laura L. Walker, PHD

Postoperative Vitreous Hemorrhages Remain an Issue in Severe Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
By:  Claude Boscher, MD
Adequate intraoperative viewing of the anterior vitreous base can prevent many POVHs.

Avoiding Endophthalmitis Following Intravitreal Injections
By:  Abdhish R. Bhavsar, MD
A review with a focus on data from the

Guidelines for Preventing Blindness From Retinopathy of Prematurity
By:  Jonathan Sears, MD
Recommendations from the Early Treatment for ROP study.


By:  Peter K. Kaiser, M.D.
Compounding the Problem

Subspecialty News
Danger of driving with blind spots; Pill for dry AMD advances; What’s next in wet AMD therapy? And more.

Controversies in Care
By:  Michael Colucciello, MD
An Approach to Genetic Testing for AMD

Coding Q & A
By:  Riva Lee Asbell
Unusual Vitreoretinal Surgical Coding Queries

Focus On
By:  Bill Kekevian, Senior Associate Editor
Multimodal Imaging System Guides Doctors